Mixed Signals and Second Thoughts

He speaks in riddles, like wise people do.
He knows just what to say,
knows just what to do.
Scheming and plotting.
Always deceiving.
Manipulating, confusing,
Ever contradicting.

She has seen the world
In black and blue
She thinks she’s wise
With all that she’s been through.
Never not thinking
Over analyzing
Because of all the pain
she’s been avoiding.

She’s been praying for someone
And she hopes that he’s it.
He’s looking for someone
He can toss any minute.

She fell too deep,
At night she cant even sleep.
He said he felt the same,
But already dreaming
before the night came.

So she did her analyzing,
and did her math,
Weighed her options
During her baths.

What an irony
That she will never know
That while she was thinking
She’s missing the show

In those dreams he’s been having
She has always been appearing.
He thought “how could I be losing
In this game I’ve been playing?”

He thought this time,
He could really love someone.
But she’s already gone,
Thinking he can’t be the one.

So the cards have been played.
The tables have turned.
But who do you think
Among these two
Has been more hurt?