The 6 Hardest Goodbyes You Have To Make At Graduation

Thought Catalog


1. The goodbye to your current life:

After your graduate, things will never be the same. Unlike high school, there’s no more transition period. College was the last safety zone. The last chance to figure out who you are, who you want to become, before you are thrust into the real world. The scary world that everyone warns you of, that never seemed real until now. You realize that all the fears of surviving, in a new city, a new lifestyle, a new job, are all too overwhelming. That cap and gown is the last piece of college you will ever touch and then…your new life begins. Wherever that may be.

2. The goodbye to your best friend:

This may be the hardest goodbye of them all. The person you met maybe during move in freshman year or during a hard class you stayed up late studying together for. They have been…

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